syzygium australe growth rate

The fast growing Lilly pilly tree is characterised by spectacular thick foliage with a glossy sheen, which makes them ideal for use as hedges, windbreaks, as well as for attracting birds or simply as an … The leaves are shiny dark green above, paler below and grow 9 cm to 18 cm long and 3 cm to 5 cm wide. Syzygium ‘Big Red’ comes from Queensland nursery owners Scott and Peta McLean. The botanical name for Eugenia is Syzygium australe. Lilly Pilly. For smaller growing trees and shrubs, it’s generally best to … Description. 439 Sydney Road, Gnangara WA. Height & Width: 5-8m high x 1-1.5m wide. A few psyllids. This variety is considered a replacement for Syzigium ‘Pinnacle’, as it has the same size and growth habit but with resistance to the psyllid insects that cause blistering and deformation. Plant name: Syzygium australe ‘Blaze’, syn: Eugenia australis ‘Blaze’ Description: Compact habit, small leaves, multi-branching, suitable for clipping, bright bronzy-red new spring growth, hardy to sun and shade. New growth is bronze in colour. Size: Height 1-2m, width 1-2m. It is psyllid resistant. Phone: … ... Syzygium australe 'Orange Twist Lilly Pilly' Syzygium francisii 'Water Gum Lilly Pilly' Syzygium wilsonii 'Powderpuff Lilly Pilly' Contact. Fruit: Red/pink fleshy berries. For a garden or driveway border using small 14cm or 20cm pots, we suggest planning no more than 2 plants to the metre. The genus name, Syzygium, is derived, via Latin, from the Greek word “syzygos,” meaning “yoked together”, referring to the Y-shaped opposite leaf arrangement. Flowers: Small white flowers . Lilly Pillies (Australian cherries) are a very popular evergreen tree or hedge that produces an edible red or purple fruit. Straight and Narrow™ Syzygium australe ‘SAN01’ Native Shrub and Ground Cover Range Plant Description: Is a very slender, semi-compact and dense plant. Big Red benefits from regular pruning which … Syzigium australe ‘Big Red’ Synonyms: Scrub Cherry. The pair own and operate Crystal Waters Nursery in south east Queensland and have been working with lilly pillys for decades. Syzygium wilsonii (Powderpuff Lilly Pilly) Height 2m Spread 2m: The Powderpuff Lilly Pilly is a shrub growing to 3 m tall (sometimes up to 5 m). (Surprisingly, this genus includes the commercial clove Syzygium aromaticum). Most noteworthy however, is the striking red new growth, easily one of the reddest foliage plants on the market. It has tight, attractive leaves and white flowers that proceeds to beautiful pink/red fruit. Straight and Narrow™ Syzygium australe ‘SAN01’ Psyllid resistant Lilly Pilly; Naturally very narrow; A screen or hedge for tight planting areas; Description: Straight and Narrow™ Syzygium is a very slender, semi-compact and dense plant. Back in 2003 they identified a lone seedling within a batch of Syzygium australe that had a much faster growth rate … Straight and Narrow is a new-release variety (2017) that grows tall and skinny compared to other Lillypillies. Big Red is a Lillypilly variety developed here in Queensland. It has tight, attractive leaves and white flowers that proceeds to beautiful pink/red … It is well known for its rapid growth rate and dense habit. The types of suitable specimens we recommend are Syzygium Australe ‘Select’ and Syzygium Australe ‘Resilience’ varieties. The plant flowers in spring and... Read more > Rate of growth: Foliage: Round, glossy green foliage with reddish brown new growth. Special comments: Not always available in nurseries but worth waiting for. Can be trimmed down … Origin: Australia Habit: Upright rounded evergreen shrub Common Names: Lilly Pilly Height: 5m Width: 3m Growth Rate: Fast Foliage: Green, Glossy, Oval Flowers: Yes Flower Description: Fluffy pendulous flowers Fruit: Small edible dark red fruit Position: Full sun/Part shade Uses: Hedging plant Common Pest And …

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