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Silicone Bongs are the current go-to bongs for marijuana smokers. BEND, FOLD, PACK. As mentioned, whether you need a bong for dabs or for bud, this bong is versatile and fun to use! Not to mention, the down stem and bowl piece is both included and easily removable. Come see the best selection of Silicone Pipes with ultra fast 1-3 day delivery! Much easier to clean than their glass bong counterparts. Eyce 12” Beaker Eyce makes two different beaker bong sizes and I decided to try out the 12” bong first, since that seems to be the most popular bong height. )คัพ: 10(mm. There are also many more designs from this company as well as this one being a genuinely good product. Each bong features a vibrant, happy color and includes a boro glass downstem and flower bowl. This handmade, non-toxic, fifteen-inch glass water bong is definitely a conversation starter! The Eyce silicone bong is a pretty epic product: an indestructible silicone beaker bong with an attached stash jar. How to Make Sure You Purchase a Safe Silicone Bong Because some silicone bongs can be safe, and others can be dangerous, the responsibility lies on you to make the safe choice. Use the Bowser with the durable glass attachment that allows you to keep an eye on how much smoke your inhaling, as well as a little extra cooling time for your hits. The … Cheap water bongs 9mm might be everywhere but those in are strictly examined. Search. As the movement for smoking continues to become more and more mainstream, bongs remain a popular choice to get the most out of your herbs. Imagine having a flexible, squeezable, virtually indestructible bong. The bong is about 7.5″ tall and comes with a 1″ silicone removable downstem. We would also suggest this for those who are a little more heavy-handed than others! We love that they create quirky and interesting designs to make their pipes more of a talking point than for just pure usability, however, they are great for that as well. Not as expensive as one might think, it’s a definite looker and I think it’s a great option for people who want their smoking to be more discrete. This diffused silicone water pipe is made from BPA free, FDA approved silicone and is nearly indestructible. Blowtorch proof? Featuring a decent-sized bowl, you can enjoy this bong both alone or with a small group of friends. The bong itself is shaped like any beaker bong. Get yourself a bong that's just as badass as you are! Every Silicone Beaker Bong has Nucleus logos and comes in your choice of color. The durability of silicone pipes is only one reason they have seen a massive increase in popularity over the last few years. What we recommend for new bong users or first-time smokers, going for a more simple design is the best way forward. It comes with two adaptors that allow for the use of loose herbs or holding cigarettes. For instance, it’s made of silicone and fluorescent purple. The Eyce silicone beaker bong is remarkable. If you have gone through several glass pipes in the past year, it would be smart to try switching to silicone. It’s a pretty decent price, somewhere lower on the scale than others and it does have plenty of good features for that. Are you ready to take your cannabis to higher levels? Made for stoners on the go, this silicone bong is a collaboration with Silipint. It is safe to smoke from and has a surface that is easily cleaned with hot soapy water or alcohol and salt. More compact, the fun design still includes a lift out glass cone, along with a silicone mouthpiece and internal stem. Use the Coupon Code. Soak for a couple of hours, or overnight, then scrub with a toothbrush or pipe cleaner. Reviews “This is the most functional water pipe I have ever owned or seen. Designed by Famous Brandz in collaboration with the real life Trailer Park Boys, the Silibong Water Pipe has taken the trend-setting silicone bong design and packed it with even more useful features & functionality. Featuring a silicone body and an all-metal bowl and stem, this silicone bong is lightweight, non-stick, and easily folded up and concealed. Model: Jake Reimer, Photographer: Andrea Hunter, Location: Bong Mansion, Bong Mansion takes the Silicone Eyce Beaker out for a rip. They are carefully tempered to make sure these bongs do not get too hot to handle and can withstand long time use. Do you need a chamber that is going to hold a lot of smoke or something that your lung capacity can handle? Base Dia: 13cm. Buy your own silicone bong There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to picking the right bong for you. Customers tell us our bongs allow for a smooth, mellow hit using square ice cubes and no strange silicone smell. It’s like a little bong heart, passing the water through to ensure it’s as clean as possible. They come in a variety of fun colors but I like my Lil’ purple guy. Bongs have been used for many years! For instance, it’s made of silicone and fluorescent purple. Sitting at eleven inches in length, it is quite thin too so it’s very dainty compared to plenty of other bongs. The Eyce Bong and the higher-tee are available at the Higher Mentality StoreModel: Meagan Amelia Pringle, Photographer: James Heaslip, Location: Bong Mansion. Delicate enough to be displayed on shelves or tables and will be sure to start conversations. As this list makes clear, silicone bongs are an innovative new take on the classic water pipe. And it works! And no one wants to have to shell out for multiple pipes when they could have had just one. The Eyce Mold 2.0 can be best described as an ice bong mold. Whether it is widely manufactured, or the classic homemade MacGyver type bong, many smokers appreciate anything that makes their smoking experience smoother. It’s one of the most unique smoking devices I’ve ever tried! Eyce silicone bongs are the best unbreakable bongs on the internet. It comes with a decent bowl size and remains small enough to be portable. You don’t have to worry about your bowl tipping over again. One of the more expensive bongs on the list, but we think it’s worth splashing out on. Well, in reality, I don’t. Finally, are you buying a bong for looks and/or for its smoking capabilities. silicone bongs. Our experts create extremely beautiful looking silicone bongs. Here at, we feature a large collection of affordable bongs that will cost you less than $100 even $50. Or just go ahead and buy a silicone bong right now! These bongs and pipes are made from Medical Grade Silicone providing a safe and sturdy alternative to glass bongs, pipes, or dab rigs. This breaks through the resin and loosens it from the smoking device. It can be folded into a pocket-size thin piece. Free shipping on all orders. We have various popular styles and percolators to choose from. Your friends will want you to break this out every time they come over! That’s right, a foldable bong! It comes with a silicone downstem and both the bong and downstem are heat resistant. Ideal for an ice-breaker, it certainly is a collector’s item for those who love smoking paraphilia, Aesthetically pleasing, great craftsmanship. That’s right, there are some bongs that aren’t for everyone. Be sure to clean your bong in between uses to ensure the flavor of your bud or dabs doesn’t taste like old resin and ash. Bonjour, here me and jojo will compare a silicone bong vs a glass bong... (19+) ALL WEED USED IN VIDEO IS LEGAL Instagram: Paradise_Potcast Then you need to decide just how big you want your bong to be. As the water filtration and cooling of the smoke makes for a great experience and is safer to use than smoking without a filter of some kind. Sponsored Mention: Tank Glass Original Beaker Bong, Needs to be cleaned every day for good use, Cools your smoke immediately, making it less harsh, Glass is made of a thin yet durable material, Needs a certain sized downstem so may be harder to replace, Carb hole is on the right, so may be harder for left-hander, Made of a lightweight silicone so may be easier to knock over, The tube closes in on itself if you hit it too hard, Chamber is large enough, makes for a bigger hit, Takes some serious lung power to fill the 15-inch chamber, Fourteen-millimeter tank bowl included (free). Search for glow mini … This eleven and a half-inch glass bong features printed leaves in vibrant colors, and because of the clear glass, it’s perfect for seeing the chamber fill up with that glorious white cloud. The Eyce Bong Review – Do We Recommend it? We have two color green or black are available on puffing bird. Silicone is a new hot trend and we caught it right away. Eyce has a pretty epic product: an indestructible silicone bong. The Eyce Silicone Beaker Bong is one of Eyce's most popular products and now it has it's own sidekick. Silicone Bong Silicone Dab Rig Water Pipes Bong 14 inch Bubbler Camo Oil Rig Detachable Unbreakable Percolator Hookah with Glass Bowl. This silicone bong is your best choice. These dab rigs are con With less moving parts, it’s less likely to be dropped or broken. Just want to try something new or find a portable bong for traveling? Environmentally friendly, no filter needed. And it works: every hit is smooth and clean and certainly more healthy than other products or options allow. However, bongs are super simple to use and very easy to enjoy. It makes it a popular choice for new users, as some other bongs on the market can be a little daunting. Whether it be the flower itself or dabs. You can clean it in the dishwasher or wash it in the sink. Rinse it with hot water and then let it dry completely. They also charge $3.00 for their lifetime warranty. It carries a decent weight and is incredibly sturdy. With the reusable straw and glass bowl inserts, you can use this bong for bud and dabs/oils as well! If you have a hard time holding your breath or breathing normally, then some bongs may not be for you. Have a read further down, and you’ll see the article wrote about all the great things and needs to know about bongs. The rest of the bong is composed of food grade silicone. Cyber Week | 10% Off Sitewide. Disadvantages of a silicone bong. Be sure you know how you want to smoke or at least in what form your smoke will be in. บ้องซิลิโคน (Silicone Bong) ความสูง: 16(cm. By edibleslist. You can fold, twist, or bend silicone bongs without causing … Another bong solely made of glass, this is far smaller and traditional looking than … A little bit more pricey, but I believe you get what you paid for. I highly recommend you add this to your collection. All silicone pipes for sale on SMOKEA® are … The bongs made for dabs have to be made so the oils don’t melt away without the outcome of heavy concentrated smoke. Certainly iconic, it has a double filtration system to ensure all hits from this little pipe are clean and as smooth as the last. Its mouthpiece is long and slender, upping the travel and cooling time before you inhale. Ceramic Bongs. It can be folded into a pocket-size thin piece. Waxmaid Silicone Bong Review & Smoke Sesh / 4 in 1 Water Pipe Cosmiccloudz420. It’s incredibly durable and can withstand being dropped (to a degree) or passed around. That is, until the silicone bong came onto the scene. You won’t regret it and at 69.99, it’s extremely affordable and could function just fine as your primary device. Nothing is worse than setting your bong up and getting a poor smoking experience. It also makes it easier to clean. From cookware to electronics, silicone has been widely tested and certified to be safe for users. Is Silicone Safe to Smoke Out Of? When you add your weed to the bowl, you light your weed with a lighter, and you inhale through the mouthpiece at the top of the beaker. Removable down stem and bowl made for easy cleaning. Of course, nowadays, there are different types of bongs for different types of smoke. It does not come with its filtering system so bear that in mind when considering it as a purchase. That’s why I was so intrigued when asked to review the silicone EYCE Bong or Beaker as they call it. You can buy it on the Higher Mentality store right here. Throw out your own suggestions too, what products you recommend or ones you avoid like the plague! First, you need to decide what form of product you plan on smoking. The design on the bong is eye-catching and fun to look at too. He found out how to use silver and gold to color borosilicate glass and made it look more intricate and durable. The Silicone Eyce Bong is 100% Bong Mansion approved. But as mentioned above, the function can outweigh the shape in many circumstances. Top 7 silicone bong reviews Silicone 2 pc Herb Bong | 10 Inch. Well, the beaker is unbreakable, the bowl and pipe are glass and the same as any bong. Whether you are skiing, surfing, camping, rafting, mountain biking or laying poolside, our bombproof pipes won't disappoint. - Ends in . Silicone bongs are perfect for transporting from place to place, as you can easily throw them in a suitcase or backpack and not worry about them breaking from being jostled around. Last Updated on August 22, 2020 by Josh Desair. Although it is not so much of a puff, puff, pass, kinda bong since it is a bit smaller, it definitely does not smoke like its small! Although there are many kinds of bongs, water bongs, dab bongs or even gravity bongs, finding the right bong that best suits your smoking needs is important. So sit back, enjoy and have a read through! Silicone pipes are great for travel, camping and festivals, as they are resilient to breaking and some can easily be folded.

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