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This tool allows you to look up elevation data by searching address or clicking on a live google map. The High Plains region, together with the Rolling Plains comprise the southern end of the Great Plains of the central United States. Ecoregion 9 – High Plains . Station Size: 2870 acres: Elevation: 6190-6460 ft: Annual Precipitation: 14.6 inches: Growing Season: 128 Days: Rangeland Type: Mixed Grass Prairie: 45% blue grama, 15% western wheatgrass, 15 % other grasses, 10% sedges, 10% broad-leaved plants The beautiful Wildcat and Pine Ridges are covered with evergreen trees. High Plains. The western two-thirds of the state is covered mostly by the mountain ranges and rangelands of the Rocky Mountains, while the eastern third of the state is high elevation prairie called the High Plains. High Country Gardens: Our Story Pioneers in Sustainable Gardening At High Country Gardens we offer plants, products and information that support long-term ecological balance and builds and sustains the love of gardening for generations to come. The High Plains is a relatively level high plateau, separated from the Rolling Plains by the Caprock Escarpment. The Great Plains are a vast high plateau of semiarid grassland.Their altitude at the base of the Rockies in the United States is between 5,000 and 6,000 feet (1,500 and 1,800 metres) above sea level; this decreases to … From east to west, the High Plains rise in elevation from around 1,160 feet (350 m) to over 7,800 feet (2,400 m). Physical features Relief and drainage. Rougher sections of the High Plains are used for cattle grazing. This tool allows you to look up elevation data by searching address or clicking on a live google map. This page shows the elevation/altitude information of High Plains Apartments, College Dr, Torrington, WY, USA, including elevation map, topographic map, narometric pressure, longitude and latitude. Elevations range … Due to low moisture and high elevation, the High Plains get extremes of temperature. The High Plains has a "cold semi-arid" climate—Köppen BSk—they get between 10–20 inches (250–510 mm) of precipitation annually. High Plains, region in the United States, comprising the southern portion of the Great Plains, or, in its most specific sense, the northern portion of the Llano Estacado (“Staked Plain”). Extending from the Panhandle south to the Pecos River, the High Plains have been described as a sea of waving grasslands. The High Plains Water-Level Monitoring Study (HPWLMS) is the USGS's response to a directive from Congress to report on water-level changes in the High Plains [Ogallala] aquifer . This page shows the elevation/altitude information of Texas, USA, including elevation map, topographic map, narometric pressure, longitude and latitude. If you imagine some of the finest mountain fruit in Napa Valley coming from vineyards between 1,000 and 2,500 feet above sea level, that is … The High Plains Regional Climate Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is one of the six regional climate centers in the U.S., providing services to Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming Wyoming. Talented farmers, fast draining soil, and low humidity are all huge factors of course, but the elevation is the magic potion for Texas High Plains fruit. The highest point in Nebraska, at 5,426 feet above sea level is found in southwestern Kimball County. Figure 1. The 20 million acres of this region fills most of the “handle portion” of the state. Location map showing the boundary of the High Plains aquifer, major cities and roads, and altitude of land surface. In the latter sense, the High Plains may be said to cover the northernmost Panhandle of Texas, northeastern

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